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Join our community and share creative workspaces. It is really easy!

How does it work?


Set up your workspace

Explain what’s unique, show off with photos, and set the right price


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We’ll help you collect payment, deduct a commission, and send you the balance

Why be a Partner?


Show off your cowork space or create a new one!

Whether you have an existing cowork space, or want to create a brand new one from an existing property, you can create more income and at the same time create richer communities for our towns. Charge members daily rates or offer a monthly membership with offers and benefits of your choosing.


Open your network

Kodeska aims to build a rich of community of peeople who want to work in a creative space that inspires them. This is the end of the two hour commute


Work Near Home

Find out why your members should come and work at your place rather than taking the miserable commute to the nearest big city